Yafei Geng, male, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, staff member and assistant engineer of Yingli Group Co., Ltd. He is dedicated to his dedication and diligence, and is mainly engaged in the optimization of research and development of solar PV modules. He was awarded the honorary title of May 1st Labor Medal of Hebei Province in 2017 by virtue of his enthusiasm for work and skill.

Since joining the company, he has been committed to the development of Yingli Group N-type double-glass PV modules. The Panda double-glass modules developed by his team has become the National Advanced Leader Technology, and was first applied to the demonstration base of PV pilots in the Datong in Shanxi to contribute to national carbon reduction.

After several years of tempering, he can solve the customer feedback problems by himself, whether it is in the cold Zhangjiakou snow power station or the southern water power station,, he can overcome the hardship and safety risks around the PV power station.He would can be seen in the front line of the company's workshop or on the first line of the power station.Comrade Geng Yafei not only performed outstandingly in his daily work, but also actively participated in other activities organized by the company. He actively registered in the company's Spring Festival Gala, Carbon Emission Reduction Earth Hour, Nanniwan and so on, he often dedicate his own personal time to the company's activities.



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